ORE LED Tail Light Conversion

Over the last 2 years since we released the first pictures and video of our tail light conversion, we have had a lot of Lotus owners with the pre-06 tail lights email us asking if we would be willing to convert their tail lights. We feel that giving you guys all of the information that we have gathered from doing the conversion is the best route. This not only furthers the Lotus community but it will allow each and everyone that attempts this DIY to have a better understanding of your car. We will be more than happy to answer any questions along the way but do keep in mind we are extremely busy here and may take us a while to get to your email.


ORE is not responsible for any damage occurred to your vehicle or to yourself while attempting this DIY. We strongly recommend professional installation.

Instructions on Taking Apart Tail Lights:

Follow standard tutorials used to take apart headlights using heat. Not knowing how they came apart first time around we cut them open. This is extremely risky while using heat will give you a better margin of error. 

For resealing we used black RTV.

LED Rings:


Picture Album:



Posted on April 4, 2017 .